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HEXIS S.A. is a leading European manufacturer of self-adhesive vinyl (PVC) films and digital printing media for large format inkjet printing used for sign making and vehicle marking.

The company specializes in pressure-sensitive adhesive coating thin plastic films and pioneered their own process to produce high performance cast vinyl films.

The products, distributed in rolls of different widths and lengths, are sold worldwide in over 50 countries. They are intended for professional signage, vehicle marking, visual communication, decoration and surface protection.
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HEXIS manufactures 4 types of films:

  • Colour films for signage and marking of vehicles
  • Cast films for vehicle wraps
  • Media for wide format digital printing
  • Films for protection and laminating

HEXIS operates two production lines, an internationally recognised research and development laboratory, and a training center approved by the Regional Labour Authorities.

HEXIS has subsidiaries in Germany (Hexis GmbH), in Guadeloupe (Hexis FWI), in Italy (Hexis Italia), Spain (Hexis Graphics España), United States (Hexis USA) and Sweden (Hexis AB). In France, HEXIS now has 250 employees and distributes its products through three regional sales offices: Paris, Lyons and Hagetmau (South-West France). HEXIS exports over 40% of its sales, while enjoying a consolidated turnover of EUR 63 million in 2011.

Since June 2005, HEXIS has ISO 9001 approval for its system of quality management. In view of its sustainable development policy, HEXIS is considering implementing an environmental management system according to ISO 14001.

Since 2008, HEXIS manufactures its own cast films mainly for vehicle wrapping. For this, the company has invested 2 million Euros in the construction of a new building and machinery at the leading edge of technology.

HEXIS has turned towards a differentiation strategy based on a competitive edge in product innovation, originality and technical performance. In France its strength to compete is based on the expertise of its sales force and effectiveness of its customer service.

In 20 years, HEXIS has become a major player in its market and has imposed its brand and its products at the highest levels of performance.