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The curtain falls on Hexis Racing

Posted 04 Dec, 2013 by in News0
The curtain falls on Hexis Racing

From Nogaro 2002 to Baku 2013 the Hexis Racing adventure started and ended with a top-3 finish. Between these two dates the team set up by Michel Mateu became the only private French squad to win an FIA World Championship title in circuit racing.

It’s difficult not to feel a certain twinge of nostalgia when using the word, end. For all the men and women who have worked with this team, followed and supported it, and appreciated its achievements, its exceptional career will always remain engraved in a corner of their memories and their heart. The Hexis winning machine produced a human experience, technical skills and a set of results and an exciting, never-to-be-forgotten heritage. These memories are beyond price and they will always have an incalculable value. The images, noises, smells, words, laughter and tears are all firmly anchored there and they will never be lost. They will make everybody stronger to face what the future holds!

This story couldn’t continue without a top-level sporting project, the partnership of a manufacturer or a wealthy investor. In the past few weeks there were a lot of contacts, but it was impossible to put together the right package. The 2014 season has already arrived and each person has to think of his/her professional future. Thus, Hexis Racing will shut its doors at the end of this year, but the ex-Hexians will win again!

Let Philippe Dumas, who has been with the team over the past 12-years racing, have the last word: “We can never thank the Hexis Group and the Mateu family enough for making it possible for us to live this incredible adventure.” Bring down the curtain!


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