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Nogaro Day 1

Posted 02 Apr, 2012 by in Non classé @en3
Nogaro Day 1

We have arrived at Nogaro for our home race.
Today, we will practice in private sessions and a B.o.P. (Balance of Performance) test will be conducted by the FIA with the goal of achieving a balanced level of performance amongst the nine models entered.
It’s the beginning of a long week, ten years after Hexis Racing’s debut… it happened here, at Nogaro!





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  1. Danny Crash!April 02, 2012 at 13 h 54 min 

    Best of luck, Chaps.

    I have a theory that the McLaren might just raise the bar in terms of GT racing cars. I hope you prove me right.

  2. Bruno LucasApril 03, 2012 at 22 h 48 min 

    Good Luck!!!


  3. Will MesquitaApril 04, 2012 at 17 h 34 min 

    Hexis guys, i’m covering the FIA GT for my site ( But I don’t have any link to follow the GT1 in Nogaro, do u know if this will be on TV? Or anybody could get me a net link with transmission?

    Thank’s and let’s go to victory!

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